On a piece of land 1000 times smaller than the City of Sofia a lot of feats have happened: Hercules harnessed the power of Zeus, Conan the Barbarian vanquished the ancient demons, Rambo defeated an evil narco cartel, the Expendables restored peace and justice to the free world… and Chuck Norris single-handedly saved the planet.
Welcome to Nu Boyana Film Studios – where film magic and reality mix together. It’s a legendary place which witnessed the rise of many ages and stars. But make no mistake – it’s not a theme park. It’s a full operational film studio where the working process starts from a script and ends up on the screen. We have it all. We invite you to a tour around our sets where some of your all time favourite movies have been made. Join us. And enjoy!

Locations & Sets

Stop 01: The Nu Boyana Central Park
Stop 02: The Gladiatorial School
Stop 03: The Agora
Stop 04: The Small Arena
Stop 05: The Triumphal Arch
Stop 06: The Roman Forum
Stop 07: The Underwater Stage
Stop 08: The Middle East Streets
Stop 09: The Big Arena
Stop 10: The New York Streets
Stop 11: The St Paul’s Cathedral
Stop 12: The British Streets
Stop 13: The Chesterford Parking Lot

Terms & Conditions

  1. We have a fee: 50 BGN per visitor.
  2. The minimum tour size is ten people.
  3. Individuals under 18 years of age must have insurance for the day of the visit. Please mail it to us before your arrival.
  4. The guides can speak to you in Bulgarian or English.
  5. Please, have in mind that some sets may be unavailable due to filming. In that case we will have to skip the occupied sets.
  6. Please be careful while walking around the sets. This is an operational enterprise with a lot of vehicles moving around, and construction work is regularly carried out.
  7. By placing a booking you agree to follow the Initial Instructions and Rules.


Contact us at: [email protected]

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